Akinator for PC/Laptop – Free Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Developed by Elokence, this app comes under the entertainment genre. This game is a computer-based and mobile compatible also. Akinator for PC game is so innovative because of its concept which says that it can read your mind and determine the character you are having in your mind at that point in time just by asking a few questions. The character can be both, fictional and real.


This game works upon a good internet connection or wifi and supports fifteen languages. It also has a feature of child filter which allows the kids to play the game safely.

This game also features an inbuilt video-recorder and comes with two additional themes of movies and animals. The scores, ranking, and achievements can be seen on the Aki leaderboard.

One can even add photos, questions and customize the genie with the help of a combination of clothes and hats of different types. This game contains in-app purchases.

Akinator for PC – Free Download on Windows & Mac

Follow the steps:

  • Get the latest version of an emulator on your PC.
  • Set up the emulator and then search for Akinator App.
  • Now tap the install button.

How to play the game?

To crack this game and ace the challenges, one has to answer a few questions and the Akinator will determine the character one thinks of, at that point in time.

The player has to accomplish the given challenges and unlock the five mysterious characters in the game. The player can unlock new backgrounds and personalize the genie.

The genie can be turned into a vampire, disco-man or cowboy with the help of various personalized combinations available in the game.

This game also comes with a feature that enables players to challenge the other players and compare their respective scores on the leaderboard to get the top rankings in the game and earn rewards. This game has the potential to unleash the creativity within the players in pursuit of performing their best in the game.

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