Emu4iOS – Download & Install iOS Emulators Without Jailbreak

EMU4iOS is one of the major applications for iOS devices. It lets the users get other emulators on their Apple devices without jailbreak, such as NDS4iOS, SNES4iOS, etc.

Offering some of the most amazing features of any emulator app. The EMU4iOS gives an excellent performance by working flawlessly on iOS devices. Though considered to be one of the best emulators. But officially installing this app on the latest versions of iOS 9 and 9.2 has become quite impossible. As the developers of Apple has taken various initiatives to prevent this outdated app from being installed.

Emu4iOS logo

But still, there is no need to worry, as there is another way through which as iOS owner. You can download and install this app without jailbreak.

EMU4iOS – Download on iOS Without Jailbreak

At the very beginning, comes the first step of changing the date of the iOS device on which the app will be downloaded.

  • Go to the icon named ‘Settings’ and select the ‘General’ option.
  • The screen that will come up next, there will be the option for changing the time and date as ‘’ Date & Time’.
  • The auto setting of date and time will be on, which you’ll need to turn off and change the year manually to 2012, without doing any alteration to the month or date.
  • Then launch the Safari browser and type emu4ios.net in the address bar, followed by selecting ‘Enter’.
  • Next, click on the install option to initiate the downloading process.

install Emu4iOS with no jailbreak

How to Install it on iOS?

Once the app is downloaded to the iOS device, next all one has to do is follow up a few instructions. It will appear on the screen to complete the installing process.

While some app often gets directly installed on the device when being downloaded from the web. For others, the users may need to confirm the installation process. When the small icon of EMU4iOS will be seen on your screen, know that the installation process been complete.

Next, you have to click on the EMU4iOS icon from your home screen. And you’ll come across an ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ option, which you have to then dismiss. Then again, go to the ‘Settings’ option, select ‘General’ and opt for the ‘Profiles’ option.

Tap on the option of ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ and tap on the ‘Trust’ option. After reconfirming your trust in the developer by tapping on ‘Trust’ again, you can start using EMU4iOS to download the emulator of your choice.

Emu4iOS download emulators

Bottom line

While installing EMU4iOS make sure that the Wi-Fi connection that you’re depending upon is strong enough. So that the downloading or installing process doesn’t remain incomplete. Plus, also consider that the iOS device that you’re downloading the app into isn’t a jailbroken one.

You also need to remember that it isn’t possible to download only one emulator app at a time through this app. Therefore, if you install SNES4iOS, then you cannot install another emulator app, like GBA4iOS, until unless you’re uninstalling the previous one. Though it may sound like a drawback, it is the only disadvantage that you’ll face by installing the amazing EMU4iOS in this way without Jailbreak.