V380 Pro for PC/Laptop – Free Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

V380 Pro for PC is a video monitoring device that you can use at office premises, apartments, garages and other sensitive areas where you want security surveillance. The amazing part of this device that if anything alarming happens at the surveillance place, you will immediately be flagged with an alert message.


Remote Monitoring, through this you can monitor and view the video of the area remotely from anywhere and anytime.

Device Sharing is another useful feature through which you can share videos with your family members or responsible person to monitor the surveillance area.

Motion Tracking and Detection Alarm is the feature with which the user is alerted if the device senses any kind of motion or sound.

With this device, you get more secure and encrypted cloud storage which proves beneficial during the time of theft, damage or loss of the device. All the data can be smoothly retrieved and transferred to the new device.

V380 Pro for PC – Free Download on Windows XP/7/8/10 & Mac

Download an Android emulator from Google and then set up on your computer or laptop. When the setup process is finished, open it and then launch Play Store from it.

Type V380 Pro App name in the search box of the Play Store and then tap on the install button. That’s it and open the V380 Pro App.

Setting the Device

Connect the power supply. As we will be using the device for the first time, we need to press the reset button at the back of the camera to restore factory settings.

To do press the reset button for 7 seconds and you will hear a message after successful reset. Once this is done, we need to do the rest on the phone.

Open the V380 Pro software which is installed from the app store on the phone. There will be multiple login options, you may choose a phone or email.

Once you are successfully logged in you will be taken to the main interface. Here, you will see an add device option. Then you need to connect to the camera’s hotspot. Once the connection is established, please return to the main interface page of the software.

Refresh the page and you will be seeing the camera in the list. Click and start using it to view the streaming video of the location.

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