VIMAGE for PC – Free Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

VIMAGE introduced in OS X v10.3. VIMAGE for PC is an app for photo-editing that adds dynamic and profound effects to any still image. It is the latest trend to engage people in one’s life and the stories he/she narrates.


Vimage is a two-dimensional image processing framework. It is a play on two words: video and image. This app enhances the quality of photos by casting an encompassed video effect.

To choose from, there are over 30 video effects. It provides features, such as image filters, scalings, reflections, and rotations.

VIMAGE for PC – Free Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

In order to install this cinemagraph animator app on your PC, download the emulator from the internet. Set up the emulator and then launch it.

Now open Play Store from the emulator and then search for VIMAGE App in the Play Store or emulator. After that, click the install option to get VIMAGE App.

How does it work?

If one needs to edit a photo, he/she has to import it into the app and then select photos of their choice from Google Drive and Google Photos apart from the internal storage of the phone.

The brightness, saturation contrast, and hue can be adjusted. The next step is to choose the kind of video effect, which includes smoke, clouds, fire, water, birds, etc. One wants to add and preview of the effect that can be seen before finalization.

When an image or a photo is selected for the first time, the app downloads it to the device first. One can place the effect animation on the photo, flip, adjust hue/saturation as well as increase or reduce the size of the effect.

After choosing the effect which one wants, he/she can also manually adjust it by changing the size and opacity until finding the perfect fit. Amazing photos are prepared with the help of this app which can be directly shared with Instagram or saved into the memory of the smartphone.

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