APK Extractor – Free App Download for Android

APK Extractor is one of the fastest and easy-to-use app extracting apps that is available for Android devices so far. Not only it extracts all the apps that are installed on an Android device, but also without any flaws, copies them to the SD memory card of the device. Be it some specific application files or even the system application itself. This Android application package file makes sure that the users can extract all applications as per their wishes.

Generating a very good review since its release. This APK enables the users to extract any app by simply holding a long click on any app. The minimum version of Android that is required for running this app successfully is Android 4.0+.

Some Basic and General Features

The first and foremost feature of this app is that it doesn’t require root access at all. Yes, no matter what applications the users wish to extract or from where by default. All of them will be stored under the folder of Extracted APKs in the SD card.

Coming with an easy-to-understand yet impressive user interface. This app has won the hearts of many users, both by its amazing performance and appearance. By simply opening the interface, then accessing the list of installed apps that are there saved in the memory of the Android device, and pressing the finger on the one you want to extract. This app performs the whole app extracting task in the easiest way possible.

It also features two different saving options for the extracted file. One is sharing or sending the extracted files directly, and the second one is copying the extracted link wherever the users want.

What’s New

The updated version of the app, i.e. APK Extractor 4.2 (14028), has arrived in the market in the month of March, this year, 2017.

Just like all its previous versions, this latest updated version also offers great speed and ensures some awesome performance, just in a much more improved way.

The updated version is fully compatible with the latest Android version as well, which is Android 7.0. The version 4.2 has also come with an added option of ‘select all’ and has featured some new language translations as well. Though the version and the app size both may vary with the device model. But it has already secured more than millions of downloads.

How to Download the APK Extractor?

APK Extractor for Android

Downloading the App is just as easy and as simple as downloading any other app from the internet. To download the Extractor, one first needs to go to the Google Play Store and type APK Extractor.

Once he or she finds this app, simply click on the download or install button. And the amazing Extractor App will be all ready to do the tasks that it is supposed to perform on an Android mobile device.

Download from here:   Android

APK Extractor is one of the most popular and best apps for extracting the APK files from any installed applications on an Android device.