Tez App – A New Payments App Powered By Google

Tez App is a digital payment application created by Google Inc. By adding your bank account, you can send and receive money directly from your mobile phone.

In the modern era, online transactions are increasing day by day and most of the payments will happen through their smartphone or personal computer by logging into their bank account.

Google Tez app apk new payments

Google Tez App – Download Payments App

Now get Google’s Tez app for Android and iOS gadgets from the below link and then install your handheld devices.

Get Android App

Get iOS App

Launch Tez App from your device when it’s finished the installation process. Now, you can add your respective bank account and then make payments easily.

Once if you added, send money to your friends, family and nearby people without taking too much time.

Also, earn more money by referring to friends via social media networks. When you want to transfer money to nearby people, use Tez’s Cash Mode option.

They are adding a few more important features that you can make payments through debit and credit cards using Tez application.

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