How To Purchase A Premium Subscriptioin Plan On BlueStacks?

Do you wanna purchase BlueStacks premium subscription? Then you can do it by going through the following tutorial and then buy a premium plan in a few minutes.

How To Subscribe To BlueStacks Premium Plan?

Here are the few steps to subscribe to BlueStacks:

Step #1:

Launch BlueStacks Android emulator from your device.

Step #2:

Tap on the “My Account” option in the home screen of the emulator which you can find it on the BlueStacks top right corner.

My Account Option In BlueStacks

Step #3:

Now tap on the “Purchase Premium Subscription” plan button from the account overview section.

BlueStacks Premium Subscription Plan

Step #4:

Here, you will see “Premium Subscription” plans for monthly and annually. You can also redeem you Pika Point to become a subscriber of BlueStacks. Now you need to choose a plan that you would like to buy so tap on “Buy This” button.

Buy BlueStacks Premium Subscription for Month or Annually

Step #5:

Enter your card details either credit card or debit card and then tap on “Pay US $x” button.

Enter Card Details for Subscription

That’s it.

To Conclude…

Hope you follow our guidelines for buying BlueStacks premium subscription and then play your games on your PC without any interruption.

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