Dhani App for PC – Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Dhani App for PC is one of the most versatile apps available. In fact, it is acting as a one-stop-shop for all the financial and healthcare needs that people have. For example, people who wish to quickly consult a doctor or purchase medicine at discounted prices will be able to use this app. Likewise, it is even possible for people to get quick personal loans and medical insurance out of the app.

Features of Dhani App

Dhani is an excellent app available for people to get their day to day needs catered. It can deliver a bunch of instant healthcare services to cater to the healthcare needs of people.

Any person who is using the app will be able to get instant consultation with a doctor throughout 24 hours of the day. There is a possibility to get a subscription and have unlimited doctor consultations as well.

On the other hand, it can offer instant credit lines for the people. This is catering a lot to the needs of people who have emergency financial requirements to be catered.

It is even possible to go ahead and engage with stockbroking and trading with the help of the Dhani App. On top of that, Dhani App is helping the users to manage their travel bookings, bill payments, and go ahead with shopping.

Dhani App Features

Dhani App for PC – Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Here are the useful steps to install Dhani App on your Computer and Laptop:

  • Download the Memu emulator.
  • Install and then launch it from your Computer.
  • From the Memu emulator, open the Play Store and search for Dhani App.
  • After that, tap on install.

How To Use?

Since Dhani is a versatile app, you will get overwhelmed with the features that are available with it. Hence, you will need to pick the exact feature that you want to use from the main interface and proceed with using it.

It is possible to add the credit/debit cards to Dhani App while using on PC and proceed with making payments for the services obtained.

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