Google Keep for PC – Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

People who are looking for a convenient method to make lists and notes can think about using the Google Keep app. This is one of the fastest methods available for anyone to offload thoughts, ideas, and things to do. You can do it without losing your focus. Hence, Google Keep for PC is a helpful app that everyone should think about getting installed on their devices.

Features of Google Keep

You can use the Google Keep app and create lists or notes according to your needs. You will also be able to set the place and time of the reminders.

When you complete a task, you no longer need to keep that on your list. You can simply tick that off. There is a possibility to add collaborators to the list. Then you will be able to get a day to day work done together.

If you want to add drawings or photos into the lists or notes, you can do it with Google Keep. Or else, you can even draw on the app.

If you wish to dictate your thoughts, you can do that on this app. When you are adding group notes, you will be able to label them accordingly. All the information you upload to Google Keep will be synced across different devices that you use, such as tablets and laptops.

Google Keep App Features

Google Keep for PC – Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Maku sure to use the below guidelines to install Google Keep App on your Laptop and Computer:

  • Click here and then get BlueStacks.
  • Install the emulator and then open it.
  • In the emulator, find the Play Store icon and then click on it.
  • Now search for Google Keep App and then tap on install.

How To Use?

You should sign in to Google Keep from your PC with your Google account. Then you can upload all the lists, notes, or anything that is supported by the app.

The app will keep track of them and help you to take better control over what you upload. Then you will be able to manage them with ease and share along with your collaborators.

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