iOSEmus – Download for iOS Without Jailbreak

iOSEmus is one of the best kinds of web apps. It let the users of various iOS devices download various emulators, games and other apps without jailbreak.

The sole purpose of the founder of the app was that allowing users to be able to download any emulators or apps of their choice without having to jailbreak. And the constant popularity of this app clearly announces the success and achievement of its goal.

This internet-based program has made it possible for the users of Apple devices to download amazing apps like PlayBox HD and excellent emulators like DownCloud etc. Serving as an ideal alternative for the emulators like NDS4iOS and GBA4iOS, this app is one of those that can give a really hard competition to the top-class emulators.

iOSEmus – Download for iOS Without Jailbreak

The first step that is involved in downloading the app is finding the app through a browser. While the majority of such similar apps require a specific browser for downloading the apps. In the case of this app, there is no such restriction.

  • One can type the address ‘’ on their browser. No matter whether it is Safari or any other browser, to get to the page of downloading the app.
  • Once the installation page for the application opens, all you have to do is simply click on the install button to begin downloading the app.

Download iOSEmus for iOS

Install on iOS Without Jailbreak

You may get a warning message saying that you are not signed in for downloading the app. But you must ignore the message and proceed to the next step i.e. install the app on your iOS device.

There may come a pop up asking confirmation to ‘install profile?’ you need to tap on the install option again. The final step of installing the app will require you to go back to your home screen by pressing the home button directly. If there, you find the icon of the iOSEmus then know that the installation process has been successful.

Downloading Emulators and Apps

Once you’re done with installing the app, you may go on downloading other apps and emulators through it. For that, one first needs to tap on its icon on the home screen of his iOS device for opening the program. Once the program is opened, you can go through the latest as well as the most popular apps.

There you’ll see an ‘apps and Emus’ option as well. It’ll help you to find the listings of all application programs and emulators that you can download through iOSEmus. All you have to do is tap on the desired app name. And select the install option to download new apps and emulators.

Using iOSEmus is absolutely free and so does all the downloading. All you need to have is a steady internet connection. Now, you can download all of your favorite gaming apps, emulators and others in a matter of second. No need to worry about jailbreaking, as the above-mentioned ways do not require the need for jailbreaking at all.