Viggle – Download APK for Android & iOS [Updated]

Have you ever thought that you may get amazing rewards for just watching your favorite movies and shows online! Well, the Viggle App has turned this hard-top-believe idea into a reality. So the users can get points to exchange them for real rewards.

The moment the users of this app start watching programs and movies on particular entertainment services. Those providers like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix or simply watch programs online through it. The app makes sure that they get Perk Points for that.

The Perk being a reputed reward program for mobiles. The more Perk Points a user will derive from the app the more real-life rewards he or she will get. Collaborating with top brands like PayPal, Amazon, Walmart and much more. The users can redeem their points easily for amazing prizes and gift cards.

Viggle APP – Features

One of the very basic features of this app is that it is free for joining. While on the hand the users can select any TRV show for earning Perk Points. On the other hand, they can choose from the hundreds of gift card options that the app makes available to them.

If in case, the user doesn’t want any rewards for himself but wants to contribute to a greater good, well, the app takes care of this wish of its users too. Being connected to hundreds of various well-fare organizations, the app allows its users to make considerable donations to organizations.

From setting customer reminders for never missing out on any important show or participating in quests, real-time trivia, and streaks, the Viggle App makes sure that its users get every opportunity to earn maximum Perk Points possible.

Viggle APK download

What’s New in the latest version

The most updated version of this app that is available on the Play Store market right now. Being updated sometimes during February 2017, its updated version seems to feature all the outstanding performance and quality of the preceding versions.

Apart from possessing the usual features, one of the new addition that this updated version boasts about is the enhanced bug fixing feature for a more uninterrupted online experience.

There is also news of various upgraded features regarding the performance of the app. If the sources are to be believed about the changes and upgradations that the App has gone into, then the latest version is sure to increase its download numbers all over the world.

How to Download?

Downloading the App doesn’t require as much attention and time as finding one’s favorite TV program undertakes. Rather the whole process of downloading this entertainment app involves simple steps and rewards.

The downloading process includes finding the app on the Google Play Store or on other trustworthy websites. Clicking on the install option for directly getting this app up and running on one’s Android or iOS device in no time.

No matter, whether the users play games, participate in online quizzes or watch their favorite videos through this app. The app makes sure that the user gets the best experience, along with granting them more Viggle points for their actions.

Download from here:   Android   iOS

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