How To Install Miracast for PC Windows 7/8/10 & Mac?

Often you will have had a party or a family movie night when you wanted to watch a movie on the large screen but maybe the internet is down, or slow, but you have the movie downloaded on your phone. There is no way to connect the phone to your TV or Computer to stream the screen with a cable like consoles and Laptops with an HDMI cable. There used to be no way to stream to the big screen, but now there is. Miracast is a feature that is present in almost all new smart televisions and phones and can be installed on a personal computer as well. This allows a device such as a smartphone, to stream to a larger miracast enabled screen. Let’s see how to set up Miracast for PC or Laptop gadgets.

What is Miracast?

Miracast is a feature that allows any miracast enabled device to stream its screen to another miracast enabled device on the same WiFi network. Miracast can work with most smart televisions and its fairly simple to install. You can then stream from any device.


Miracast is the industry leader in providing quality streaming over local WiFi. The service allows streaming of up to 4K UHD@60fps to any device, provided the device can sustain the internet speeds required to stream at that quality.

It can stream movies, games, music, anything, there are no limitations and as long as it can be shown on a screen, it can be streamed.

Especially useful since it doesn’t require an internet connection to any server. Just the two devices connected over local WiFi with no connection to the worldwide network, also protecting data at the same time and preventing any unwanted intrusion.

How To Install & Download Miracast for PC Windows & Mac?

To stream the content from the tiny screen to the bigger screen, you must install this application. To do that download and install Nox or BlueStacks on your PC.

Now open that emulator to find out Miracast App by typing its name in the search box. After finding the Miracast App, click install. That’s it!

How To Use?

To use miracast, simply install one of the countless miracast apps on your Computer or Android and open it. Get a miracast receiver for your television if it doesn’t have one inbuilt. And then scan the area for miracast supporting receivers using the app.

Once the app finds one, it will automatically connect to it and set your television to the input source in which the miracast receiver is installed and the stream will start. Use your phone to end the stream as well as any setting changes.


Miracast for PC is a very useful service that is getting commoner by the day. In fact, it will steadily but surely, end the age of wired connections as we move to a wire-free life.

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