Morphin – Download CGI GIF Maker & Editor App

Morphin is an amazing app that allows its user to edit a GIF, and morph it with a friend’s photo or a family member’s photo. You can make as many GIFs as possible, and enjoy your day in your group chats.

By going to the Play Store or App Store, you can download the Morphin App on your Android and iOS gadgets. PC users can use it by using an emulator.

Features of Morphin App

  • CGI technology is used by the Morphin App, and it morphs an existing GIF in a high-quality totally different GIF.
  • You can also morph your real image with beauty apps, and make your skin tone and hairs just the way you wanted. Then, you can morph that image in the Morphine and enjoy the amazing output of the app.
  • You can also get to keep your skin tone and hair in the original shape and morph it into the best GIFt ever.
  • Make lots of reaction GIFs, and surprise your friends with these GIFs.
  • Capture the movements or position of your friend at a particular angle, keeping in mind what GIF would be created out of this. Later, you can surprise your friend with the most amazing GIF ever.
  • You can share the GIFs on your different social media accounts, and have the best laughter of the year.
  • You can make use of our GIF Maker and Editor, and edit text messages of your choice in the GIF. Also, give captions to your photos in the app with the text editor facility.
  • We assure you that there will be no watermark of Morphin in your morphed photo. We let you take the credit!

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