NexHT Cam – Download App on Android, iOS, PC Windows & Mac

NexHT Cam is a panoramic camera available for you to install on the mobile device. If you are not happy with the camera that comes with the mobile phone and if you are looking for a better camera, you can make the decision to download this application.

However, you will also need to purchase the dedicated piece of hardware when you are getting the app as well. This camera and the app are ideal for surveillance purposes.

You can use it for both residential security surveillance and commercial security surveillance. No matter what, it can provide you with the most exciting surveillance experience to you at all times.


You can easily gain access to real-time footage captured by the camera while using NexHT App. Therefore, you can take a quick look at what is happening.

In the meantime, the app can also provide great support to you by taking a look at the historical videos as well. If you want to check what happened in the past, you can use this feature.

All the pictures and videos in the app are stored in an encrypted format. Hence, you don’t need to worry about losing the information you stored within the app. You can keep them protected at all times.

NexHT Cam App Features

NexHT Cam – Download App for Android, iOS & PC

To get NexHT App on your Android and iOS device, you need to visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Now you need to search for the application from their respective stores and then install it.

In case, if you wanna set up this surveillance app on your PC, first, install BlueStacks on your Windows or Mac OS. Next, open BlueStacks and then search for NexHT Cam and install it from the Play Store itself which is there in the emulator’s home screen.

How To Use?

You should purchase the camera and then configure it with the NexHT Cam app. For example, you will need to connect the camera to the Wi-Fi network and connect the mobile phone with the app to the same network.

Then you can go through the app interface and access the features you want. In the meantime, you can also access important features, such as action alarms and notifications.

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