How To Install PixPlus for PC Windows 7/8/10 & Mac?

This is a very convenient cloud-based mobile app available for download on the Apple and Android stores. Here, we are going to see how to set up PixPlus for PC devices.

About PixPlus

  • Cost: Free for 30 Days on the Cloud version (Monthly Fee After 30 Day Trial – future use of Cloud Service requires a monthly fee for future use)
  • SD Card users are free to use this app as long as they like as storage will be local to the device

How To Install PixPlus for PC Windows & Mac?

To set up PixPlus App on your computer or laptop, you could install an Android emulator. After that, open it from your Windows or Mac and then search for PixPlus App. Next, select the app and then click install.

How To Use?

It caters well to people such as drivers (Dashcams), business owners (CCTV) and Homeowners alike. With cloud technology, users can access live feedback of the view of their WiFi Connected cameras with ease. It is fast and easy to set up…

Firstly, users are required to carry out the two-step sign-up process, all that is required is a mobile number and/or email address to verify the mobile device. Once verified you are ready to start setting up devices!

Simply click the Device icon in the bottom left of the app main screen to add a device. Either an Intelligent Camera or a Smart Annunciator, and there will be a drop-down list of which devices you would like to connect and how you would like to establish the connection. You can choose from 1 of 3 networking modes:

  • Scanning a QR Code
  • AP Hotspot Connection
  • Network Cable Connection

If you want to view playback on the selected device, all you need to do is select: Cloud Event, from there on there will be a selection of dates and times that the device has been active and recording/in use.

The app is perfect to monitor business and household activities such as ensuring that employees are working, or even to make use of dashcam activity such as crashes and illegal driving.

Overall an easy to use app which is well worth it even with the cloud subscriptions.

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