Tubex APK: Download & Install Free Android App

The Tubex APK is one of the most popular Android games that deal with arranging the colored pipes properly. The very name of the game refers to a popular children’s game called Cheese boxes.

The only difference from the children’s game to this Android app game is that it is more amusing and graphically impressive. No matter how simple or childish the game app may look. But as far as the pleasure of playing is concerned, the Tubex App ensures that the players of all ages enjoy the captivating and exciting game of tubes.

To score high points in this game, one needs not to come up with some out-of-the-world strategy, as by simply playing it again and again will help in getting high scores. However, this cozy and fascinating puzzle game may serve as the best way to beat the boredom.

Features of Tubex APK

Coming with almost 50 different levels. The playing procedure of this Android App involves putting the same colored tubes together to make squares.

The more same colored square one will create the greater will be his score. Here the speed of performance matters to a great extent. With successfully overcoming each level, the number of the squares that one will need to make will grow up gradually.

One of the most amazing features of this app is that all the same colored squares will vanish after creation. It will offer a new room to the player for continuously striving to achieve his goal until he reaches a certain level.

Tubex APK Download

What’s New in the Updated Version

The updated version of this app, which is Tubex 1.1. It comes with the same features that the earlier version of this game app used to offer to the users.

However, the main twist is that, though the gameplay and the idea are still the same. But the graphical appearance has been improved to attract more players.

To enjoy the updated version of the Tubex APK, one needs an Android device of a minimum 2.3 version or above than that.

How to Download the Tubex App?

To download the amazing gaming application of Tubex on your Android device, you neither need to be a gaming expert nor a technology enthusiast.

To enjoy the Tubex app on one’s Android device, one just has to follow a simple download and install direction, and that will be enough.

Go to the Google Play Store for a virus-free or quality download. Now search the Tubex App and click on the install button to get it installed and ready for action on your Android device. Otherwise, one can also visit websites of his choice and search for the Tubex App there.

Download from here:   Android

In some cases, while one downloads the Tubex App from some other websites, they often require to separately install the app ion their Android device as the gets only downloaded but not installed. Therefore, no matter what website or how you download the app. Make sure that you follow the necessary steps for enjoying this simple yet engaging game of colored tubes.

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