VHS Camcorder Lite for PC – Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Any person who wants to create videos by introducing the special effect to make them look like VHS stored videos will be able to take a look at VHS Camcorder Lite for PC. The videos captured out of this application are realistic. Hence, any person who sees the videos will believe that they are actual videos that have been obtained out of a VHS tape.


VHS Camcorder Lite is the easiest method available for you to create VHS styled retro videos. You will be able to do them in real-time. Hence, there is no need to go through the struggles associated with post-editing.

You can infuse the VHS styled effects into the videos as you are capturing them. The videos you capture will be saved directly into the gallery as well.

In the VHS recorded videos, you can find some specific details, such as captured date and time. They will be stamped on the video in the same way while using the VHS Camcorder Lite app.

Another great feature that comes to you along with the VHS Camcorder Lite app is that you can zoom the videos and focus more on the subject.

VHS Camcorder Lite App Features

VHS Camcorder Lite for PC – Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Follow the mentioned steps to install VHS Camcorder App:

  • Use this link to get BlueStacks and install it on your Windows or Mac.
  • Open the emulator and then tap on the Play Store icon to launch.
  • Now search for VHS Camcorder Lite App in the Play Store.
  • Next, click install.

How To Use?

VHS Camcorder Lite app for PC is designed to help you with capturing the old school type videos. Therefore, you can see a massive record button located at the center of the interface. You can click on that and proceed with recording.

It will only provide you with limited setting change options. You can get the main service out of this app, which is to capture the videos in retro VHS format and save them into the phone gallery of your device.

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