VikLok for PC – Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

VikLok for PC is a popular video-sharing social media community that is based in India. It is possible for you to use the VikLok app and share your day to day life in the community along with friends and family members.

You can easily capture and create short videos with ease while using the app. It can provide you with a special effects camera to get the work done as well. On top of that, you can find people who have similar preferences while using the app.

Features of VikLok

VikLok is focusing on the creation of 30 seconds of videos. You will need to use the 30 seconds provided to you by showcasing your creativity.

This is where you will be able to go ahead and transform the moments that you come across in day to day life into artistic and cool looking videos.

You will also be provided with simple and fast editing tools out of the VikLok app as well. The VikLok app can provide you with real-time beautify features as well.

Therefore, you can smoothen your skin, remove all the blemishes that are present on the skin and even enhance the appearance of your eyes. You can easily transform your looks to make you look like a new person with the features provided out of the VikLok app.

VikLok App Features

VikLok for PC – Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Here are the steps:

  • Get BlueStacks from here.
  • Set up on your Windows and Mac and then open.
  • Next, launch the Play Store and then search for VikLok App.
  • Now tap on install.

How To Use?

The VikLok app for PC should be used to capture the videos. Once you are capturing the videos, the camera of your mobile phone will open up.

Then you will be able to capture the 30 seconds video and get into the post-editing stage, where you do all sorts of changes according to your preferences. Once you are done with editing work, you can simply go ahead and share them on the VikLok community.

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