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The Waze APK Android application package is considered to be one of the largest navigation app available in the world. It is known for helping one to save time, money and car fuel by suggesting daily commuting ways in the best possible way.

Joining the local drivers of an area where the users reside. This app simply provides him with real-time traffic situations gathered from the actual drivers. When the users drive with keeping the Waze App open on their Android devices, they not only become able to receive real-time traffic updates in their area. But also play a contributing role towards the local community.

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Whether it’s some hazard that a user witness on his way to work or some police traps or maybe an accident. With the help of the Waze App, not only one can know about these and opt for a different route. Also, can report the incident to alert others through the app.

Waze APK – Best Features

The Waze App not only offers users information about roadblocks or traffic. But also lets them find out the cheapest of gas prices and best routes around a user’s local community.

It also informs the users about the ETA or the Estimated Time of Travel once they select their route and destination. It has indeed become a modern-day amazing GPS by being well-connected with the social networking platform Facebook and assisting in reaching the places of Facebook events with ease.

From offering voice guidance at every turn to providing live and updated maps for easy navigation and automatic rerouting suggestions. The Waze has a variety of such impressive features to attract more and more users.

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What’s New in the Updated Version

As far as Waze’s latest updated version, Waze, is concerned. Well, it has come up with various new features and improvements.

While on the one hand, the bug fixing feature has got some enhancement. A smart lock option from Google has also been introduced. The inclusion of this smart lock option not only rejects the need of remembering the Waze login password and other details but also lets the user sign in automatically.

The Waze inbox and the friend-list have also come with a new home screen feature. So that the users can easily find out which friends are online.

How to Download Waze App?

Downloading the Waze App is as simple and easy as downloading any other Android app. All that one has to do is go to the Google Play store or any other reliable website.

They offer this app for download and click on the ‘install’ or ‘download’ button to begin the downloading process. If it’s an auto-install that probably the users have to reboot or restart his Android device for letting the Waze App show its best performance.

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The main focus of Waze APK has always been helping the users benefit from their traffic updates. And letting them contribute to a greater good, by sharing the traffic details with another user of the app. And as per as the success of this app is concerned in satisfying the users, well, the over 50 million installations of Waze App says it all.