Fitvate – Gym Workout Trainer App for Android, iOS & PC

Fitvate app is a very uncomplicated and simple easy to use app that is in a way a mobile gym for you. It is basically a workout planner, which provides schemes for your daily routine and helps you in getting slimmer and fitter.

Do you have an Android or iOS device, visit the Play Store or App Store and then install Fitvate App. Use Android emulators to run this app on your PC Windows and Mac.

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Fitvate App: Its Uses

  • It works as your personal workout trainer that will take your fitness goals to whole new levels and help you in achieving your bodybuilding goals.
  • The app contains various useful workout programs, detailed videos explaining the merits and demerits of different workouts and HD workout sessions of videos.
  • You do not have to be bound by the hours provided by your gym instructor. With this app, you can decide the gym hour of the day, hit the gym in your house’s drawing room with this app and work it out.
  • For each and every muscle, there is a fitness program in the app with a detailed informational article and a detailed video for exercise.
  • Our videos contain informational content on weight loss, mass gain, powerlifting, gain strength and bodybuilding. You can accomplish various goals in the same app.
  • The pro, intermediate and beginner workout routines have been designed by the experts – so you need not worry or doubt.
  • Fitvate App also works in the offline mode and guides you as your personal instructor.
  • This app contains multiple muscle workouts, such as cardio, calf, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, etc.
  • The app also gives users different challenges such as the 100 Push-Up Challenge, Run 5-KM Challenge, etc.

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