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In our lives, there are times when we feel stuck, unmoved, and confused. We don’t feel secure, there is surely something troubling us but we are not able to figure what that something is. This feeling can be a burden and can hamper our daily functioning. These are the situations when the Wysa application comes into the frame.

The application is an online platform which allows users to share their feelings, emotions, stresses, etc. to clear up their headspaces and feel better about life. It claims to be our 4 am friend with whom we can share anything and everything without any hesitation.

Being a psychology student myself, I understand the need and awareness which is necessary about mental health because it is need of the hour. Mental health has a stereotype attached to it which prevents people to seek awareness and help for it.

In these stereotypes, when an application like Wysa comes into the market, it is a great help not only to an individual but it benefits society. The app is an online platform where people can come and have conversations with mental health professionals, seek guidance, achieve goals, and be assured that they are not being judged.


There have many amazing features of this application. It upholds the confidentiality of its user’s information that they share, Wysa is co-designed along with an experienced panel of therapists, coaches, and Al folk. It is free of cost. Everything is kept anonymous. It acts like an unknown friend with who we can share without the fear of being judged.

Clients can book their proper sessions in accordance with their comfortable timings. It is known to help in anxiety, depression, mood tracking, and other such feelings.

The application uses the CBT i.e the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for its clients.

Wysa – Download App for Android & iOS

To start using Wysa, you can download the application from Play Store, App Store or any platform that allows downloads. Once that is done, you can log in with your name, age, and shareable information. After that, you can book your appointments, and then have a conversation with the professional.

It is not a very complicated procedure, and there are guides and help pages available for first-time users. It is extremely safe and secure and can be trusted.

Wysa is definitely the need of the hour and more and more people should know about its uses and advantages.

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