Daily VPN for PC – Free Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Daily VPN for PC is a free and unlimited private VPN (Virtual Private Network). Users can access sites that are only available in said country. This app will connect you to an IP Address located in the country you would like to connect. This will allow for the viewing of any blocked website.

Common reasons to use Daily VPN are to keep your browsing history secure as an individual or business, as well as for access to region-specific sites such as streaming sites for sports, movies, music, and television.

To use this mobile VPN app, all you need to do is download from your App Store or Play Store. When the app loads up – Click “Tap to Connect”, there will be a flower-shaped icon, press “OK” when the connection request pop up appears.

About Daily VPN

  • Available on: Google Play and iOS Store
  • Cost: Free for unlimited use
  • No upfront registration is required
  • The app is under 1 year old and has a very small download size of 4.88MB

Daily VPN for PC – Free Download on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

There is a choice of seven popular countries to access a VPN from, these are Germany, Singapore, India, USA, Netherlands, United Kingdom, etc.

To get Daily VPN on your Computer or Laptop, first, install Nox or BlueStacks on your device. Next, open it and then search for Daily VPN App. Now click install.

How To Use?

Within the app, it is possible to enable a proxy filter, which can be assigned to your favorite apps on your mobile device. Simply click on an app’s icon within the proxy filter section to toggle whether the app is on Unproxied, or proxied mode (Another term for where you carry out activities untracked to gain access to other sites).

When a VPN is active, there will be an icon on your mobile device’s header bar, click the shield-shaped icon to bring up the shortcut to the VPN Status. Here you can disconnect, cancel or configure your chosen VPN.

Overall, Daily VPN for PC is a minimal effort, simple and easy to use the app for protected web browsing!

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