Xbit Music – Download Audio Spectrum Effect Video Maker

You all must have noticed that in some mobile devices that inbuilt applications are entirely useless. It does not matter that you are having a look at the gallery or the music player. Although you will get several options regarding good gallery applications, here we are going to talk about one of the best music player application for your mobile phone. That music player is Xbit Music, and it is said that it’s not just a music player, but along with that, it’s an audio spectrum effect video maker also.

Xbit is an interesting application that can be used to make lyrical song effects on your videos and photographs. The application can be used to create 30 to 60 seconds of videos.

The app has a gallery of great video and audio files. You can select a preferred file and add it to your photographs. By using this application, you can add emotions to your photographs for free! In less than 30 seconds, you will be able to add and share feelings to all your pictures.


There are several features of this music application, but it has two main functions, and those are as follows:

  • The first notable feature is that you would be able to use this application as a great music player option. You would be able to get equalizer options and many more.
  • The second feature of this application is that it is going to help in creating custom stories that you can post on FB, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You can create any type of videos, by combining a video and a music file easily.

Xbit Music – Download Video Status Maker

The first step is that you need to download this application from your respected app store. With the help of this step, you would be able to download this application without any kind of flaws.

In the next step, you would be able to get two features. Those are first to use it as a music player, while the second option is to create various kinds of stories for your social media platforms.

How To Use?

It is quite easy to use Xbit Music on your smartphone. In just three steps, you will be able to create a memorable video.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use this music app:

  • You should download Xbit Music from Google Play and install it in your device. Ensure that your phone has at least 18 MB of free space. Also, your smart device should be installed with Android 6.0 or more.
  • Create an account with Xbit Music and sign in.
  • Next, select the photographs you wish to create a lyrical video with.
  • Now select the music files you want to include in the lyrical video.
  • Next, you can add effects to the lyrical video. The application has many filters, effects and themes to choose from.
  • Finally, save the lyrical video with effects on your smart device. You can also choose to share the lyrical video on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter.

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